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Logwise is an independent and entrepreneurial RegTech company specialising in solutions for handling the regulatory requirements on issuers under the EU Market Abuse Regulation (MAR).

Logwise is at the leading edge in relation to technology, security, user-experience and service.

Board members

  • Chief Compliance Officer

    Eld Leijonhufvud is an experienced legal professional with 15 years experience of corporate
    governance, compliance and risk; formerly acting as a lawyer in Sweden, Director of Intertrust,
    Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel in Financial Services in Switzerland - most recently
    Deloitte Zürich on banking projects. LL.M, Stockholm University. Degree of European Master in
    Law & Economics (EMLE/DEA University of: Rotterdam, Bologna, Aix-en-Provence)

  • Product Development Officer

    Joshua Anthony is a software entrepreneur who has run and developed multiple small IT
    companies profitably over 20 years. He is an avid proponent and practitioner of Lean Startup,
    customer oriented product development and agile software development. His recent experience
    includes successfully coordinating & coaching 5 parallel value stream software development teams
    in multiple coordinated projects over 2 years with total budgets in excess of €10 million. Joshua is a
    Microsoft Certified Trainer and Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer, regularly holding training
    courses in Microsoft & Azure development technologies.

  • IT Development & Operations Officer

    Mattias Nordlindh has several years experience as an IT consultant and IT entrepreneur. Before
    working in the commercial sector Mattias held a position as Lecturer at the Department of
    Information and Media, Uppsala University, responsible for programs in IT security and software
    development. Mattias holds an MSc in Information Systems from Uppsala University.

  • IT & Security Officer

    Tomas Zonabend has 20 years experience in finance and payment solutions. Previously as a senior
    consultant working with large corporations on IT security & architecture, custom software
    development and development process management. He is a certified Scrum Master and holds
    lectures about good programming practices among clients. Recent experiences include five years
    working as a systems architect and Team lead for web based investor relation solutions at Cision.
    Tomas holds a degree in Electronics from the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology.

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